Positively plant-powered. Nothing added. Nothing wasted.

Our Inspiration

We take our inspiration from the roadside stalls of the American Midwest.

Farm stands are common in our founder’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Everything you can buy at these stalls or stands is home grown, local and seasonal and has been nurtured, made and tended to with care.

Vegetables taste of the ground they were grown in, egg yolks are as rich in colour as the lives of the hens that laid them, and the fruit is so naturally sweet that you forget ice cream ever existed.

How We Do Things

We make things better.

We work quickly but never rush.

We develop fair and long term relationships with our ‘customers’: which includes each member of our team, our suppliers, local communities as well as our day to day customers.

We maintain an on-going dialogue. Listen. Are constantly learning. If something isn’t quite right, we work hard to fix it.

We don’t accept ‘good enough’. Want our team to engage not serve. Be knowledgeable about the world, community and our business.

We understand that to be successful we need to be different and better than the norm.