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“I grew up in a working-class family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin across the street from a farm. In 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer and immediately wanted to change how I ate yet finding healthy food was difficult. Before I got the all-clear, I set three goals: become closer to friends and family; finish climbing the Seven Summits (including Everest); and build an affordable, plant-based food business.”

Steven Novick, Founder


Farmstand was founded in Covent Garden in January 2016.  Our all-day menu is based on the diet our founder has been following since he was diagnosed with cancer and he believes it was vital to improving his health. We source the best ingredients seasonally and cook up a plant-powered menu from scratch that is 80% veggie, 5% sustainable fish and 15% meat.  

It is also low in salt and free from added sugar. We only use a dash of unrefined sugar in our baked goods (as they just wouldn’t be sweet without it).

We are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to eat in or take away. We also serve ethical-trade coffee, seasonal beer, natural wine and always free filtered water.

You can find us at our restaurants, in your workplace and you can even take us home.

We’re also proud to have won multiple industry awards for our food and sustainability practices, including being named a top 2 most sustainable food service business in Europe in 2018 and 2017 by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Meet our mascot Bruno

Meet our mascot Bruno