What We Stand For

Always make our own food. Do one thing well. We make food. That’s it. Nothing else. We don’t just assemble.

Only source from UK-based sustainable suppliers. International recipes without the carbon footprint.

Use simple, mostly plant-based ingredients. Absolutely nothing artificial. 80% of our menu is vegan, 5% is fish and 15% meat (no pork). Also free from dairy and added sugar.

Aim to only use compostable packaging. Have 0% landfill waste. We have never sold single-use plastic water bottles and never will.

Believe in equal pay for equal work. 50% of our Board and team are women. Full time team are also owners of the business. Highest paid person is only paid 2.5x the lowest paid person.

Our Ingredients

Fruit, veg and grains are sustainably grown and GM free.

Fish is sustainably sourced.

Ethical meat is naturally fed, humanely treated and avoids antibiotics.

Our Values

We keep it SIMPLE.  Long lists of ingredients, misleading messaging and complicating matters isn’t our thing.

We are FAIR.  To each other, our customers, suppliers, partners, team and the environment.

We are HONEST.  We’re transparent about everything we do. We let the truth speak for itself.

We are a WORK IN PROGRESS.  We’re always listening, learning, improving and finding innovative ways to grow and be better.

We are OPTIMISTIC.  We believe that we can make it easier for everyone to eat healthy, every day, at every meal.